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Physical activity in the prevention and treatment of disease (PAPTD) summarizes the up-to-date scientific knowledge on how to prevent and treat various diseases and conditions on which physical activity has a documented effect.
Physical activity in the prevention and treatment of disease is written by 95 experts and it can be used as a handbook by healthcare professionals when prescribing physical activity. The book is also used in research and as a textbook in courses for doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other healthcare workers.

The book was prepared by the editorial board of Professional Associations for Physical Activity and it was produced in cooperation with Swedish National Institute of Public Health.


1. General effects of physical activity
2. General recommendations regarding physical activity
3. Promoting physical activity
4. Becoming physically active
5. Motivational interviewing about physical
6. Assessing and controlling physical activity
7. Various types of physical activity and exercise
8. Health aspects of strength training
9. Infections and sports
10. Sports and sudden death
11. Children and young people
12. Pregnancy
13. Menopause
14. Elderly

15. Alcohol dependence – abuse
16. Anxiety
17. Asthma
18. Back problems (chronic)
19. Cancer
20. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
21. Coronary artery disease
22. Cystic fibrosis
23. Dementia
24. Depression
25. Diabetes mellitus – type 1 diabetes
26. Diabetes mellitus – type 2 diabetes
27. Dizziness and balance disorders
28. Gastrointestinal diseases
29. Heart failure
30. Heart rhythm disturbances
31. Hypertension
32. Kidney disease (chronic) and kidney
33. Lipids
34. Metabolic syndrome
35. Multiple sclerosis
36. Obesity
37. Osteoarthritis
38. Osteoporosis
39. Pain
40. Parkinson’s disease
41. Peripheral arterial disease
42. Post-polio
43. Rheumatoid arthritis
44. Schizophrenia
45. Spinal cord injury
46. Stress
47. Stroke


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